B!tch Sl@p #99 Is Live!

Sl@p Episode 99 ‘Does A Bear Sl@p In The Woods?’ is now available! Brian makes friends with Jamaican¬† farmers, and The Bastards go camping!

It’s fun, and it’s free… get it here, on the ‘Podcasts’ tab up top, or at www.bagofmadbastards.com!


New In The Playstation Store – 7-31-08

Sony has graced us with a WHOLE lot of stuff today, including one of the weirdest, most infuriating, yet addicting games I’ve seen: Pixeljunk Eden.

Full list inside!

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New In Theaters 8-1-08

Movies releasing in theaters this week:

Brideshead Revisited – Rated PG-13

A remake of a TV mini-series, based on a novel, that is a talky drama set in WWII, with no action? Please, oh please, may I watch it twice? </sarcasm>

Choke – Rated R

You know, this one actually looks like it might be good!

Swing Vote – Rated PG-13

So, in a freak turn of events one man gets to decide the U.S. Presidency? I don’t know if I can overlook a ridiculous premise like that. Maybe with a case of beer, and a free rental somewhere…

Midnight Meat Train – Rated R

Based on one of my favorite Clive Barker stories, this is my pick of the week. However, if it’s half as bloody as the short story, you may want to miss it if you have a weak stomach.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Rated PG-13

A sequel to a remake, with Brendan Frasier. That’s all that really needs to be said. Why Jet, why? Michelle Yeoh, you should know better too.

Drunken Monkey Tech #48 – E3 Wrapup And Rant

The latest episode of Drunken Monkey Tech is now available! Brian is back from Jamaica, we’re all done with our camping trip, the dust has settled, and it’s time to see how things turned out at E3.

Get the episode here, or by clicking the ‘Podcast’ tab at the top of the page, or just visit www.bagofmadbastards.com!

Getting Lost!

YAY! Lost, which is some of the bastards favorite show has finally hit its mark and is now going to start airing on SciFi. Starting Monday, September 15th at 7|6c you can start getting lost all over again.

Great News For Hunters In WOTLK!

Great news for us hunters in WOW, in WOTLK there is a talent for exotic pets, witch means Devilsaurs for sure. check out the pic and more info on the other side.

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Playstation 3 Firmware 2.42 Is Now Available

Not a big deal though. Just a stability update. Just letting you know, in case you were wondering why you had to download an update to sign on to the PSN.

Move along… nothing to see here…