Jimi Hendrix A Playable Character In Guitar Hero World Tour

A little piece of me died today…

The Man

The Man

Activision has announced Jimi Hendrix as a playable character in their upcoming game ‘Guitar Hero World Tour’. I’m more of a Rock Band kinda guy, and have more than enough plastic instruments littering my home, so I’m disappointed on several levels.

Beyond adding ANOTHER useless characterization of a rock legend, forever cheapening the man’s accomplishments, Activision has also announced that multiple Hendrix tracks will be included in the game:

  • Purple Haze
  • The Wind Cries Mary
  • 2 Unannounced Tracks

Although they are showing some good taste in the selections they’ve announced (sadly ‘Purple Haze’ is a live version), we can only hope the other tracks are ‘Are You Experienced?’ and ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return)’.


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  1. Ooooooh… that’s a shame. Purple Haze is a live version as well? So… they also have to animate the crowd appropriately, right? So in theory, you could never really suck at that song, and the crowd will just keep cheering for you til the bitter end! … Yeah, maybe not.

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