DirectX 11 – Should You Care?

Today Microsoft unveiled the upcoming iteration of their popular DirectX programming API. What does it mean for end-users, especially gamers?

Not a whole lot, actually.

Although the new API will support current DirectX 10/10.1 video cards, the interesting new features will only work on cards that are compliant with the new standard… and they don’t exist yet.

When the card DO hit the market, you can count on two things: they’ll be amazingly expensive, and DX10 cards will fall to reasonable prices.

If you decide to upgrade to a new DX11 card, what benefits will you get? New pixel shader technology (makes things look purdy), better support for multi-core processors (note: you don’t need a new graphics card to enjoy that benefit), and the ability to put unused processor cycles from your video card to work, helping your CPU.

Nice, but since I’m still using a DX9 card, and most of my gaming takes place on consoles, I don’t care.

I thought somebody else might, so… you heard it here.


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