‘Camping With The Bastards’ Ends Tragically

What Happens When The Beer Is Gone?

Some people took the beer shortage harder than others.

Actually, we had a very good time, and hope to do it again before the camping season ends. I’ll have a load of pictures up soon, including some shots of our close encounter with the local wildlife.



  1. Obviously no former Boy scouts in this Bunch “Always be prepeared, gentleman” first rule my dad taught me. ALWAYS take more beer than could POSSIBLY be needed,, if you have left-overs,, you can always drink it when you get home. You guys of all people should know this,,,,, guys,,,,,,, rookie mistake!

  2. Ha Ha Ha!!! Don’t let the guys fool you there was no shortage of alcohol. It’s Tuesday now and I don’t think I’m sober yet 🙂

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