Notable Blu-ray Releases For 7-29-08

Step carefully this week; there’s a great film, and some really bad ones coming. As always, these aren’t all the films being released on Blu-ray this week, but they are notable because I say so.

Dark City: Director’s Cut (R) – One of my favorite films, and one of my first DVD purchases. Time to pick it up in High Definition.

Lost Boys (R) – A classic. Okay, it’s a classic for MY generation.

Lost Boys: The Tribe (NR) – A direct-to-video sequel? This is never a good sign.

Mortuary (R) – Tobe Hooper. What the hell happened? Poltergeist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, now this turd. As a bonus, you get Star Trek: The Next Generation reject Denise Crosby. Avoid this ‘film’ at all costs. Gnaw your arm off, if necessary.

Top Gun (PG) – Sexually ambiguous Scientologists with music by Kenny Loggins? Yeah, think I’ll miss this one.


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  1. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Greets.

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