Notable DVD Releases For 7-29-08

This week would be ideal for reading a good book. If you insist on checking out new DVDs, here are some notable ones:

War Games: The Dead Code (PG-13) – A sequel 16 years in the making? Direct to video? I can’t wait! Actually, I think I can wait until… is ‘never’ too soon?

Virgin Witch (NR) – Some films are so bad they lap themselves and become entertaining. This is one of those films. A ‘grindhouse’ feature from 1972, you can expect a few things: bad acting, non-existent plot, poor productions values, and most importantly, gratuitous violence/nudity. Plus, the box art is pretty groovy.

Inglorious Bastards (NR) – Another exploitation film from the 70’s. See the above entry, just add a dash of gunplay, and some explosions. I also gave it points for having ‘Bastards’ in the title, and starring Fred Williamson.


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