Oh Yeah I Have A Xbox 360

Matt and I were talking last night and we kinda realized we haven’t been hitting anything but PS3 news lately so I will dig up some 360 news for you all and try not to forget about it again 😀


PSN Video Store Update

another BIG list of updates for the video store, check out the other side for the list from the PS blog.
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Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star And Patch 1.5

The new expansion is out with a new map, a new game type, and jet packs. Check out DMT nightcap or the other side for our take.
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Playstation 3 Backwards Compatibility Demystified

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Playstation Store Update For 8-28-08

Other than The Last Guy, and the Warhawk update, not a whole lot of content this week.

Get the list inside.

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Penny Arcade Adventures For PS3 Trophy Support Confirmed

Joel DeYoung of Hothead Games has confirmed via the Official Playstation Blog that the upcoming PS3 version of the Penny Arcade game will feature trophies.

What else can we expect?

“The PS3 version is going to integrate with a bunch of features on the PLAYSTATION Network, including Score Rankings and the oft-requested Trophies. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll be able to customize your character to appear in both 3D and in the 2D cutscenes and that character (look, stats and inventory) can carry forward to future episodes! Last, but not least, the game supports full 1080p resolution. We’re putting the last touches on everything now for SCEA’s final approval and the game’s launch on the PSN this winter.”

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New In Theaters 8-29-08

Just when I was thinking of going to the theater again, along comes some seriously craptacular material. Ah well, there are a couple bright spots.

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