The Essential 360 Games

Time to take a look at the 360 games. If you don’t have these games, then why do you have a 360? Check out the other side for the info.

5. Chromehounds

Chromehounds is a great game for the mechplayer that wants to make their own mech and play with your friends (up to 5 at a time, total 6) in your own squad. The customization for your mech is amazing and I don’t think you could ever see the same machine twice. Also looks great on an HDTV.

4. Crackdown

Crackdown is a sandbox game, made by David Jones who left Rockstar and made Realtime Worlds.  This game is mainly single player, and the online co-op isn’t that great.  The cell-shaded graphics look interesting, and shine in HD.

3. Dead Or Alive 4

Team Ninja always puts out amazing games, and this one is no different. Not much to talk about in this one, just your standard fighting game with tag team option.  does have some online, but it is not as good as beating down the friend sitting next to you.

2. Viva Piñata

Viva Piñata!!  This is a great game for kids or not so kids. No real online play in this one besides being able to send your friends online gifts.  It is just a blast to play and it is great for short, or long-term game play.

1. Gears Of War

I have to say that this is the best shooter on the system. Epic never really does anything bad.  It’s a third person shooter with a single player story, or get online with a friend and hit the co-op.

There you have it, keep checking the site for the other must have lists.


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