Movie Review: X-Files: I Want To Believe

I can admit it; I’m an X-Files junkie. I didn’t start watching until the series was in it’s final season, but I immediately harnessed the power of Tivo, and eventually home video, to get myself up to speed. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I also have to admit I despise television-to-theater transplants, sequels, remakes, and Hollywood cash-ins.

Which facet of my personality would prevail when I stumbled into a theater to watch the new X-Files movie?

Find out inside.

Those familiar with the television series know that X-Files has three basic episode types:

  • Introduce a paranormal beast, catch it, then explain it’s presence.
  • Reveal part of a more sinister ‘Master Plan’ by aliens to enslave humans.
  • A crime story involving a possible psychic, that may or may not be paranormal, and leave it to you to decide.

The movie follows the third episode type, setting up a psychological thriller and leading the audience along with potentially paranormal occurrences.

The film fills us in on the lives of Fox and Dana since the series ended; Fox has become a recluse while hiding from the FBI, and Scully has been practicing medicine at a Catholic Hospital.

When a young FBI agent goes missing, and a former Catholic priest has psychic visions that may reveal her whereabouts, the FBI offers Mulder immunity in exchange for his help with this ‘unique’ case.

No spoilers in this article, so I won’t delve much deeper into the storyline, but there is definitely some creepy and morbid stuff going on.

Fan service is paid through small (but obvious) touches; The ‘I Want To Believe’ poster on Mulder’s office wall, the picture of his sister, his habitual consumption of sunflower seeds, etc. The unneeded, but welcome, return of Skinner towards the end of the film also helped tie the film to the series, but something was definitely missing.

I think David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson have outgrown the roles.

Had this not been an X-Files movie, and had been a straight psychological thriller, it would have been merely above average. With the addition of X-File lore and characters, it becomes an above average psychological thriller with some giggles for X-Philes.

Basically, if you loved the series, you’ll love this new ‘extended episode’. Otherwise, you should probably wait for home video and a night when there’s nothing on the tube.

Matt Says – RENT IT


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