I Am A Pixel Junkie

Yes, I said it.

Matt got the full game for the PS3 and I have fallen for the new PixelJunk game Eden.

The controls are a little weird, but don’t get discouraged, this too shall pass. Once you get the hang of how to move the little critter around, and figure out just what your supposed to do with it, this game is addictive.

More on the inside.

The goal is to activate pollen and grow things in your gardens. Sounds simple right? Well it’s not as simple as it sounds and it’s really hard to put the controller down once you figure it out. There is a time element.  so watch yourself and find the icons that recharge your timer. There are also obstacles working against you as you get into higher levels. I am only in the fourth garden right now, but I am told there are ten altogether. Five different goals in each garden makes fifty levels in all. That’s a lot of gameplay for only a few dollars. There are trophies too. YAY!

For me the replay is going to be enormous while I try to get all of the trophies, grow all of the flowers, and stomp all of the obstacles. Great Game!

There is an awful lot of footage of the game out there so I only grabbed this one.


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