The Essential DS

There are hundreds of games out there for the Nintendo DS. Lucky for you I sifted through all the spin-offs, multi-platform games, and other cash cow investments and came up with a list of games I believe you should own if you have a DS.

5. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Phantom Hourglass has everything Zelda fans have come to expect from a Zelda game, whether it be temples and dungeons, Pieces of Heart, or other random explorations. Unlike some games on the DS, the dual-screen is actually helpful here, featuring a map on the top screen that you can pull down to identify locations or make notes along the way.



4. Brain Age
I don’t think this game will actually make you smarter, but it is a fun thing to have on the go. From Sudoko to memory games, this game will keep you thinking. Just remember,nobody wants to hear you shouting “BLUE!” as you try in vain to play the games using the microphone.




3. Animal Crossing: Wild World
While this game is very similar to the original Animal Crossing, it still makes the list. The touch screen makes your daily goals easy to reach with just a tap of the stylus, and it’s a great game to have on the go. Have a few spare moments? Pull out some Animal Crossing and go fishing! Or digging, hunting, harvesting, whatever you love to do.



2. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Got a DS? You gotta have some Mario and Luigi! And why not double your fun with this RPG featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and their younger selves? This game lets you play as Mario and Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, or all four at once. What Nintendo fan could ask for a better RPG



1. New Super Mario Bros.
It just wouldn’t be Nintendo without some good old fashioned Mario. Going back to its roots, this game features elements from all your Super Mario favorites. The game stays true to the classic feel of Mario, even down to the simplistic controls (A to jump, B to shoot fireballs, D-pad to move). This is the ultimate must-have for the Nintendo DS.


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