The Essential Playstation Store (PS3)

I remember when I first signed in to the PSN; the only game available for download was Blast Factor. It was an okay game, but hardly a ‘must have’ on your hard drive.

Times have changed, and there’s an amazing amount of great content available for download.

Here’s our list of the five titles you MUST have.

Full story on the inside.

Games that are available on Blu-ray disc, as well as downloadable (Warhawk, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue) were not included in this list. Only games that are ONLY downloadable were considered.


Is it a game? Is it an interactive screensaver? I don’t really¬† know, but I am sure it’s entertaining. Sixaxis controls that actually work, serene music, and non-competitive play. It’s like a a trip to the beach for your soul.

4. Pain

In stark contrast to fLow, Pain is all about havoc and injury. Not that it’s a bad thing. Although the hoots, hollers, and screams of agony may get repetitive, the ways you can inflict damage to The Dude are not.

3. Calling All Cars

Dave Jaffe is responsible for some of the most intense and violent games in history (Twisted Metal, God Of War), so when this game was released, it came as a surprise. Stylistically unlike anything Jaffe has done before, this game DESERVES to be played split-screen with your friends. Think of ‘Kill The Guy With The Ball’ on a console.

Super Stardust HD

The XBox 360 has Geometry Wars, the PS3 has Super Stardust HD. With expansion packs available, online leaderboards, custom soundtracks, and trophy support, how can you go wrong? Oh yes, did I mention the gameplay is phenomenal?

PixelJunk Eden

Once you get past the decidedly different control scheme, and you figure out exactly what you need to do in-game, this is a challenging and satisfying title. Trophies are included, and the gameplay is delightful, unexpected, and fresh. Get it now.


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