Notable Blu-Ray Releases For 8-12-08

I can’t wait for a week when I have something nice to say.

This isn’t that week.

A full rundown inside.

7 Seconds (R) – With the simultaneous release of The Art Of War II: Betrayal, you could say this is a banner week for Wesley Snipes fans. Now we just need a box set of Blade movies on Blu-ray.

CJ7 (PG) – Already covered this in the DVD releases, but it bears mentioning again. I like Stephen Chow.

Prison Break: Season 3 (NR) – Yep… another TV to home video collection. I’ve never watched the show before, so I can’t really say much. Apparently some people like it. I just wonder how far they can stretch this premise.

XXX: State Of The Union (PG-13) – A sequel so bad, even Vin Diesel wouldn’t touch it. That sounds promising. I like Ice Cube’s music, but his acting… I guess you could say it was a bad day.


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