Notable DVD Releases For 8-12-08

With all these television series coming to DVD, I have to ask… Why don’t you have a DVR?

Complete list of NOTABLE releases inside.

The Art Of War II: Betrayal (R) – Wait a second… a direct to video sequel? How can that be? What is this strange new marketing strategy we’re seeing? And this one stars Wesley Snipes!?! How can you possibly go wrong with this one? Am I asking too many obvious rhetorical questions?

CJ7 (PG) – My daughters liked it. My ex-wife liked it too, but we’ll overlook that. Apparently it’s a decent Asian E.T. story from the guy who brought us Kung Fu Hustle. This might be worth a look.

Dave’s World: Season 1 (NR) – I liked Harry Anderson in Night Court. I read Dave Barry frequently, the guy is hilarious. Back in 1993 someone thought it would be a good idea to make a sitcom out of Dave’s life, and have it star Harry Anderson. They were wrong, very wrong. Somebody (probably the same idiot) now thinks it’s a good idea to release this stillborn crap on DVD.

Ninja Cheerleaders (NR) – Wow… this looks bad. But in a good way.

Play With Me Sesame: Furry, Fun, And Healthy Too (NR) – Okay, I added this one because I can’t read the title without laughing… it’s just wrong, but I can’t help myself.

Tru Calling: The Complete Series (NR) – Eliza Dushku? That’s a plus. Ridiculous premise and substandard writing? That’s a negative. Series was cancelled before the storyline could be finished? Big negative. The ex-wife really liked it? Strike Three.


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