The Essential Wii Games

With the library of the Nintendo Wii growing each week, here are the list of games that I feel should be included in your personal library. Leaving out games that are cross platform and the WiiFit (I feel this is more of a peripheral than a game itself). Is it a coincidence that they are all “First Party” games? Read on to find out…

5. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Samus makes his debut on the Nintendo Wii system. This entry into the Prime series is a an excellent shooter that fans of the series will not be disappointed in. Very intuitive controls that show just how well the Wii’s innovative controller should be used in games of this genre. Challenging puzzles that will keep you thinking throughout the experience.

4. Super Smash Bros Brawl

Nintendo’s premiere fighting game returns for a 3rd installment. Brawl features all your favorite Nintendo characters to duke it out with. Whether your playing solo with a friends on the same console or online multiplayer. This title bring more of what the previous versions had and additional new features and controls schemes.

3. Super Mario Galaxy

Princess Peach is kidnapped again and it’s up to Mario to rescue her. Perform insane zero gravity jumps as he explores various planets and challenges along the way. Players will need to perform various motions with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk including, pointing, shaking and even swinging. This title is a definitely must own for fans of the Mario series.

2. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Return to Hyrule once again for another adventure with Link. Using your remote for aiming your bow and other projectile weapons, it definitely adds a new element to the game. When traveling to the Twilight Realm with the assistance of Midna, Link transforms into a wolf. This is definitely a first for the series and adds to the experience. What would a Zelda game be without puzzles? There are plenty of puzzles to solve as you make your way through this one as well. A definite must own for fans of the series.

1. Mario Kart Wii

What would a Nintendo system be without a Mario Kart game? The Kart series has always been one of my favorites and the newest Kart game is no exception. First off the game includes a steering wheel to plug your Wii remote into which does make it a bit easier that using the remote by itself. However the game supports multiple control pads including the Gamecube controller or the Classic controller. Online multiplayer adds to the enjoyment of this version and the ability to download Ghosts of your friends so you can attempt to beat their times is a nice feature. Many of the classic maps are back from previous versions (including the gameboy versions) and there are some new ones as well. Overall if your into the Kart games and want something to pick up and play, this one is a must.

So there you have it, my personal list of essential games that I feel you should check out if you own a Wii. They are all first party games that happen to be sequels but if a game is fun, challenging and rewarding, it doesn’t really matter.



  1. What’s up with all of the “Read on”s in every article? Can’t find a less awkward segway? >_> I’m not sure how old this list is, but even when it was new I don’t think it was a great way to go. First off, you say “no multi-plats” then list Twilight Princess, which was a multi-plat/port. The superior version is the GC incarnation, the system for which the game was originally intended. Beyond that, TP (as well as SMG and, to some extent, MP:C) are strong rents but relatively weak buys. TP’s gameplay maxes out pretty quickly and you could 100% it over a long weekend (or complete the essentials in less than that). SMG offers a bit more length, but it’s not a very compelling re-play. SSMB and Mario Kart Wii, on the other hand, offer a LOT more considering both are primarily intended for multiplayer. Besides a leaving more impressive titles out, I’m not sure why it’s just a 5-list instead of a 10 or 20 (unless, of course, this was to deliberately exclude titles or due to an ignorance of wii offerings)

    • I appreciate your input, checking out the site and taking a look at the articles. This article is over a year old and at the time was a pretty accurate list (Aug 2008). As third party developers had little if any games that could be considered decent in my eyes (this has since changed).

      As far as the “multi-plat”, you are correct that it did come out on the GC but again we wrote a list of 5 titles for each “Current” generation machines and the lack of titles for Wii that were released at the time of writing were less than stellar. It also did not come out on neither the PS3 or 360, which was our criteria.

      As far as ignorance or excluding titles, we would have no reason to exclude any title as we are an independent review site and receive nothing for our time and effort. I wish it was ignorance but I played so many rotten Wii titles with tacked on features that I really wish I could have those hours of my life back.

      Yes the segway did get used quite a bit but we have since changed formats and how stories are displayed. I am assuming that you probably did a search or something and came up with the article.I would suggest taking a look at the new site proper at and take a look more current articles.

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