The Essential Playstation Portable

For all the complaints I’ve heard about the lack of good games for the PSP, it was surprisingly hard to narrow this list down to only five titles.

Sony’s little bundle of dynamite has something for everyone’s gaming needs.

Want a list? Of course you do!

Honorable mentions go to Puzzle Quest, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Space Invaders Extreme and Lumines, but they can not be included in this list as they are not platform exclusive.

5. Daxter

A solid platformer in every sense of the word. Mini-games and a wicked sense of humor help elevate this game to ‘essential’ status. While not exceptionally long, the game does have a lot of variation for it’s type, and oozes production value. If you haven’t already picked up a PSP, this game also comes as part of a bundle, so you can get some gaming goodness right out of the box.

4. Crush

Diabolically addictive, and maddeningly difficult in the later levels, Crush was a success among critics, but failed to ignite sales. This means you can readily find it in bargain bins, and you’d be getting a lot of game for your dollar. Using the ability to swap between 2D and 3D perspectives while navigating a puzzle environment (think Paper Mario on steroids), guide your character through psychological pitfalls to solve the mysteries of his subconscious mind.

3. Patapon

If you like rhythm games, RPG elements, stylish graphics, and challenging gameplay, Patapon was made for you. Playing as the ‘God’ of a tribe of cyclopean hunters, use your ‘drums’ to guide your people to the promised land. Along the way they’ll encounter rival tribes, huge beasts, and plenty of critters to hunt. Innovative games like this don’t come around very often, you better snatch this one up quick.

2. Loco Roco

The game that convinced me to buy a PSP. With non-competitive gameplay, child friendly themes, and a remarkably intuitive control set, Loco Roco is amazing fun for ANYONE. Hard core and casual gamers alike will find something to enjoy in this title. Catchy music, highly stylized graphics, and astounding fluid-like physics will immediately entrance even the most jaded gamer. Get it… get it now.

1. God of War Chains of Olympus

Making a great action game for a handheld is not easy. I’ve played too many that have failed miserably with ill-conceived controls, chugging framerate, and grade school creative writing class storylines. This game is ambitious, and succeeds on every level, and very often excels, without once letting you down. Complaints of the shortness of the story should be tempered with the replayability of the game, and rare camera glitches are still light-years ahead of anything that’s been done in the genre before. If you like your action grim, gruesome, and with a touch of adult themes… run out and get this today. Just like Daxter, this title is also part of a PSP bundle, so if you don’t have a machine yet, this is your chance to pick one up with a great title included.



  1. syphon filter should have been included but its still a good list

  2. I agree, but we had to leave it off because it wasn’t platform exclusive… came out on PS2 later.

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