In Case You Missed It: Earth Defense Force 2017

In case you missed it, Earth Defense Force 2017 (EDF) for the XBOX360 proved that a budget game can still be fun.

Dated graphics + terrible voice over + ‘B Movie’ storyline = addictive gameplay.

Perhaps one of the most highest reviewed low budget games in the last year was EDF. In a world where the Halo franchise, Half-Life series and Resistance: Fall of Man have deep stories, excellent graphics and endless multiplayer, this little gem of a game is inexplicably addicting and is worth checking out.

You are part of a special military group called the Earth Defense Force. Formed to defend Earth from extraterrestrial invaders. As it so happens, the Earth is under attack from a race called the Ravagers, and EDF is needed to stop the invasion. The Ravagers attack with a variety of giant insects and war machines deployed from drop-ships that range from Ants to Spiders, gunships and even giant robots.

There are over 50 missions in total, where players can use over a 150 weapon variations and vehicles which include: jeeps, tanks, helicopter and mechs. Also featured is two player split-screen coop mode. Less expensive than a night out to the movies and probably less disappointing it definitely is worth a look.

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