Game Review: Monster Madness: Grave Danger (PS3)

Four teenagers fight hordes of monsters with makeshift weapons. Proof that  a port of an average game can be better when a developer listens to criticisms and makes an honest effort to address them. Lets take a look at Monster Madness: Grave Danger for the PS3

Brian Says: BUY IT

When Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia was released for the XBOX 360, I was excited. This is the type of game that my nephew and I like to play together. These types of games are few and far between and you know how an 8 year old is, they will play and replay a game until you cannot stand to look at the box let alone actually play it.  So while playing that game there were some noticeable flaws in the control scheme and ultimately we were unable to finish the game due to my 360 dying and being out of warranty… So there is a bit of background.

So when a port was announced for the PS3, I was a bit apprehensive as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money again for a game that had limited replay and had some frustrating controls. So when the demo hit the PSN, I grabbed it and gave it a try. To my surprise, SouthPeak listened to complaints and enlisted Psyonix Studios to rework the gameplay. They addressed the control scheme, camera issues and added a bunch of additional content that wasn’t in the original.

There are four characters to choose from, each with their special melee weapon type: Zack is the nerd who uses axes, Carrie is the goth girl who uses swords, Andy is the skater that uses plungers and rolling pins. What group of teenagers would be complete without the snotty cheerleader? The fourth character is Jennifer the cheerleader who uses batons.  Basically you pick your character and try to make your way through the 5 chapters of the game killing everything. Each character has a power move to use after you melee enough monsters.

Along the way, you will pick up parts used to create/upgrade ranged weapons from a guy that I  has nothing better to do but collect tokens dropped by the monsters. In the previous version the parts were all over the level and had to be collected individually. Now these are located in convenient crates that are placed throughout each level. Some of these weapons that can be purchased include; a nail gun, shotgun, cell phone tazer, and flame thrower. There are about 15 different weapons each can be upgraded 3 levels. There are also various secondary weapons that can be purchased, such as bombs and molatov cocktails.

There are now character items that can be purchased to enhance your attributes like melee attack strength, speed, health regen and damage reduction.  Other additions for this port include; character costumes that can be unlocked, 25 mini games and the much wanted online coop for up to 4 players as well as 16 player competitive play.

Overall, the enhancements made to Monster Madness: Grave Danger are welcomed and much needed. This game is fun if you are playing with someone and enjoy this type of game. The humor and references throughout the game can be funny but can get old over time. The inclusion of online play, minigames and unlockables do give the game a little bit of replay value.


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