Notable DVD Releases For 8-26-08

Whoa… a lot of releases this week. Some of them are even good.

Having a hard time deciding which to buy first, or how mean I should be to Uwe Boll.

Find out inside.

Bee Gees: One Night Only (NR)

Bee Gees: One Night Too Many.

Brotherhood of the Wolf – Director’s Cut (NR)

Unless you have a problem with subtitles, you better stop reading this and just go buy this movie. Seriously. It’s a French werewolf movie. Go… Now…GEEZ! GO BUY IT ALREADY!

Cannibal! The Musical (NR)

An early film from Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the South Park guys). Yep… going to get this one for my collection. The soundtrack kills me.

Everybody Hates Chris: Third Season (NR)

I don’t hate Chris… just the show.

Heroes: Season 2 (NR)

‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’? Overpriced and underwhelming. ‘Screw the cheerleader, save your MONEY.’

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning (G)

Great… now we know the beginning. How about the end? Exactly how does the cash cow die? I’d pay to see that sequel.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Collector’s Edition (PG)

Didn’t this already come out in a Collector’s Edition? WHY YES IT DID! This must be EXTRA collectible! Did you hear that? It was the sound of a million emo kids wetting themselves in excitement, while simultaneously firing up their keyboards to shoot me hate mail. Played out… done… I’m not buying it twice.

Phantasm IV: Oblivion (R)

I’m a big horror fan, but I thought the FIRST film was crap. Don Coscarelli directed Bubba Ho-tep, which was amazing, also directed a really good episode of Masters of Horror… How can this be the same guy?

Postal (NR)

Every time a copy of this movie gets sold, a dozen kittens commit suicide in front of a classroom full of 5 year-olds and old ladies. You wouldn’t want that on your conscience , would you?

Psycho Kickboxer (NR)

I know nothing about this film, the title just makes me giggle.

Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (NR)

I haven’t seen this one, but it’s based on the writings of the Marquis de Sade. Looks like it will induce nightmares. Yep, it’s on my list of movies to buy. Unfortunately, looks like nobody is carrying it in stores, online orders only.

Takashi Miike Omnibus (NR)

An anthology of films from one of the greatest Japanese directors of all time? Sign me up!

UFO Hunters: Season 1 (NR)

Idiots… morons… losers. That about covers it. If you want to know more, check out Episode #94 of B!tch Sl@p.


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