Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star And Patch 1.5

The new expansion is out with a new map, a new game type, and jet packs. Check out DMT nightcap or the other side for our take.

Expansion: Fallen Star
First off a new map, Tau Crater, a forested island that is on fire with a large capital ship crashed on it. With 10 different layouts this can be a massive changing map.
Also with this is 30 new layouts for the maps you already have to add in jet packs.

Next in line is Jet packs. they are dispensed from a trailer thing on the ground all you do is run up to it and hit Square just like any other vehicle. You are still able to board other vehicles while you have the jet pack and can use it like a ejector seat. The jet pack also has a boost-dodge like the hawks do so you can dodge stuff coming at you, but don’t worry to much, only the infantry rocket launcher can lock on to you while you are in flight. and yes you can grab the flag and hit the skies!

Collector: Collector is a interesting game type, there are cores on the map you run out grab as many as you can and get them back to the base. the more you turn in at once the more points you can get. It is CRAZY fun with jet packs on.

Patch 1.5
Custom in-game music: this is the best way i have seen in-game music so far, you hit the PS button and pic the music and you are done.

XMB Trophies: YAY for trophies whores like me, you can’t gain any trophies in local games only online game, but you don’t have to be in ranked games for all of them.

Training tutorials: if you are new to the game or just want some EASY trophies hit the training, taught me some stuff i didn’t know.

Ability to retract clan invites: not a big deal but it is in the patch so now you know.

20 new paint schemes and 50 new insignias: oh the customization can go crazy now, you don’t have to have ranks from ranked games to get some killer paint jobs now.

GGL ceremonial blades: These are prizes from a warhawk tournament that happened a while ago and all it is is a skin for the knife not a more powerful knife.

New server color coding: now you can see what is a easy server and what is more advanced on the server list screen, green for recruit, blue for advanced.

Hero: Hero is a very interesting game type, for a whole 60 seconds you get a massive health upgrade and i think you get a damage boost. the only way for a team to score is when the hero kills someone or when the other team takes out the other teams hero.

Patch 1.5 is a free update that will happen when you play the game next, the Fallen Star expansion is a pay expansion that you can get solo or with a bundle with all three expansion. my take is that this is a must have for any Warhawker BUY IT


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