Game Review: Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3)

As we’ve already established, I’m a trivia lunatic.

To date, Buzz! on PS2 has easily been my favorite console-based Q&A game.

Can the PS3 version possibly top last generation’s version?

Find out inside.

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Notable DVD And Blu-Ray Releases For 9-30-08

Finally, a week that has some interesting new titles.

What will I be buying?

Find out inside.

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I Wish We Were Getting This…

Even though I am not a huge Matrix fan (at least not the second or third film) the Japanese Ultimate Blu-Ray collection looks pretty damn cool…

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LittleBigPlanet And The… I Did NOT Just See That, Did I?

Just a quick link over to a video of LBP that Kotaku has posted.

About the time I’m thinking I can’t wait for this game, it gets worse.

Check it, you’ll see what I mean here:

Playstation Store Update For 9-25-08

Oh hell… I’m going to be SO broke. My wallet is already crying for mercy.

Find out why on the inside.

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OK Now Burnout Paradise is Patched For Trophies In USA

Patch just hit, so all the Trophy nut cases can go grab some, I know I am!

YAY Burnout Paradise Trophies are out NOT!!!!

so you ran home and can’t get trophies, well thats because they launched in UK and not USA yet, so still waiting for the patch for the US side.  if someone is getting a patch for trophies in the US PLEASE let me know so i can fix this post ;D