Game Review: Scene It? For XBox 360

Being the resident movie geek, and seeing how this was the last game I purchased for my XBox, I was elected to review this ‘board game to video game’ transplant.

How does it hold up? Find out inside.

Let’s start with what comes in the box.

You get the game disk, an infrared dongle to receive wireless signals (USB port needed), and 4 wireless controllers.

Although it’s nice to have wireless ‘buzzers’ for the game, it would be nice if they were RF (radio) rather then infrared (using light).

This means that everyone needs to point their buzzers at the receiver. Having gotten used to wireless controllers from both Microsoft and Sony, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that these controllers need to be pointed at the television. Other than that small annoyance, the buzzers are comfortable, and are fully featured, having all the buttons available on a regular XBox controller (minus the analog sticks).

The game itself is modelled loosely on the DVD based television/board game of the same name. Gameplay consists of several modes, like watching a clip from a popular movie then answer questions, or identifying an actor or film from a still image.

Some questions can be answered by all players, while others are a race; only the first player to buzz in gets to answer. Also, some categories award more points to the player that answers first.

Question selection is decent, with a broad spectrum of titles to choose from and limited repitition. Varying degrees of difficulty add drama to impending questions. You never know if you’re going to pull a difficult question, or if you’re going to be tossed a softball.

The main problem I experienced with the game was probably a personal one; not everyone is well versed in film trivia, and there is no apparent way to handicap ‘casual’ movie fans.

This means games are usually dominated by one or two players while everyone else gets frustrated.

NOTE TO GAME DEVELOPERS WORKING ON TRIVIA GAMES: Either try not to cover such a narrow pool of knowledge, or build in difficulty levels that can handicap players and even out the playing field.

That being said, the presentation and content is competent, but replayability is somewhat limited.

Since that game can be used with standard controllers, I would suggest it as a rental when you’re having a small get together at your home.

Matt says RENT IT.



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