Bastard Fantasy Football League – Week 1 Preview

As we come up on our first week of Fantasy Football action, some of the rookies are facing seasoned FF veterans.

To see the pre-game odds-on favorites, and projected scores, take a look inside.

Week 1 Match-ups And Projected Scores

Strangled Mittens (Ali) – 93 projected points vs. Douchebaggery (Matt) – 98 projected points

SomethingWittyHere (Lee) – 90 projected points vs. Killer Kitties (Mel) – 82 projected points

For The Draft (???) – 93 projected points vs. Boiler Pride (GNRPowder) – 86 projected points

GRIZ (???) – 77 projected points vs. The Fury (TJ) – 85 projected points

Frankie’s Crooners (Spot) – 81 projected points vs. Beat TJ (Papa Rock) – 79 projected points

Mick’s Marauder’s (HouseOfMick) – 84 projected points vs. The Legion (Josh) – 78 projected points

The Wretched (Brian) – 90 projected points vs. rockin55 (???) – 97 projected points

Week 1 projections are notoriously wrong, so who really knows what’s going to happen. After we get final results for the week, we’ll post scores here, along with standings.

And we’ll be doing it each week, in case you’re interested… or not.



  1. I think The Wretched is gonna be the sleepers this year… I mean common, they have a killer coach and the name itself should make people worry… hehe

  2. Probably gonna get my *ss kicked,, but gonna have to call this one,,,,,,,, Josh is going DOWN!!

  3. At least you guys will have an actual PERSON kicking your @$$… I’ve got a freakin’ BOT!

  4. Should I be worried that I’m favored? Every championship I’ve won, I’ve lost the first two games.

  5. yeah, i am not the greatest person that the fantasy football thing because i don’t know anything about who is good and who is bad 😦

  6. hey Josh, don’t feel bad, not been following football much for the last few years,, just kinda feeling my way thru this and hoping to have a bit of fun in the meantime. still gonna try and beat yur *ss though. 🙂

  7. I don’t mind winning if you want to lose this first game Matt 🙂

  8. Big weeks from Matt and Momma Rock. Nice.

    BTW Matt, Griz is Uncle Rock and rockin55 is Momma Rock.

    I also sent the information to Gnr’s and Powder’s (I think) friend for the last spot.

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