Game Review: Bionic Commando Rearmed

This remake of the old-school Nintendo game has finally dropped on PS3 and XBox 360.

Does it do the original justice, or is it an embarrassment?

The answer, and exclusive game footage inside.

Being a huge fan of the original NES game (and replayed it many times on the original spinach-green GameBoy), I was a little nervous as I downloaded this title.

I didn’t want to ruin my fond memories of the game with a weak attempt to ‘update’ the game.

My concerns were without merit.

The game is based on the adventures of the Bionic Commando, and his mission to locate and save Super Joe.

Your character is armed (no pun intended) with an upgradeable gun, and a retractable robotic arm. The arm can be used to pull you through tight spaces, grip barrels (a new game mechanic), and most importantly to move between platforms by swinging like Tarzan.

The aesthetic is straight out of the eighties, relying on static cut scenes and typed dialog. It works though, possibly because of the rampant self-referential humor.

The controls are tight and well designed. You heard me right. While other reviewers have complained that the ability to extend your arm diagonally is gimped because you have to hold the D-pad up and right simultaneously, I should point out that the easiest way to aim diagonally is to TAKE YOUR FINGERS OFF THE D-PAD, LIKE IT TELLS YOU IN THE TUTORIAL.

I swear, more people need to pay attention to the on-screen instructions. I also strongly suspect it’s significantly easier to play the game on PS3… let’s face it, the D-pad on the XBox isn’t exactly the best option.

There have also been complaints about the difficulty of the game, but I’m happy with that. Make no mistake about it, this game is HARD. For fans of the original, this is nothing new, and is to be expected.

The graphical upgrade looks beautiful, without completely forsaking the tone and spirit of the orginal. Also available is a ‘retro mode’ in case you really need to see the game in all it’s 8bit glory.

I see this as a niche title, appealing to long time video game fans, and people who remember clearly the days of the old NES.

Matt says BUY IT.

Download Footage HERE.


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