Notable DVD And Blu-ray Releases For 9-2-08

For the sake of efficiency, and because so many titles are being released on both platforms on the same day, I’ve decided to combine the DVD and Blu-ray release list.

Hope that’s okay with you… or not.

The complete list of NOTABLE releases is inside.

Coons! Night of the Bandits of the Night (NR)

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT! Not only does the title include a potentially uncomfortable misunderstanding between races AND a repeating redundancy of repetitiveness, but it’s a movie about killer raccoons? Ok… for $12 I may have to buy it, just to satisfy my curiosity. On a side note, I’m glad they could throw some cash towards their unemployed stoner friend from high school who liked to scribble on his notebook. He did an excellent job with the box art, and I’m sure he can use the money.

Ghost Hunters: Live From The Waverley Sanitorium (NR)

Shouldn’t this be called ‘Delusional Plumbers Crawl Around Basements And Scare Themselves – The Series’? Seriously, just because you have the expensive machine that goes ‘bing’ doesn’t mean you’re a scientist, and just because you can’t explain something doesn’t mean it’s supernatural. It just means you have an expensive machine that goes ‘bing’ and you aren’t bright enough to figure it out yourself. 

The Invincible Iron Man (PG-13) NEW TO BLU-RAY

Although not my favorite of the recent spate of Marvel Comics animated films, you could do worse. Maybe this will get you through to the release of the live-action feature film on home video. Having already purchased this on DVD, I’m torn on the upgrade to Blu-ray.

Little People Big World: Season 2 V.1 (NR)

I’m strongly considering purchasing this as a gift for my friend Brandon. He has a phobia of ‘little people’, and I’m just that kind of Bastard.

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (PG)  DVD and Blu-ray Release

The Marvel Comics characters get the ‘Muppet Babies’ treatment. I’m going to pretend this never happened, and I suggest you do the same. Let us never speak of this again.

The Office: Seasons 1-4 (NR)

Season 4 is finally available! And you can get a big box set of all the previous seasons too! Oh… wait… I have a DVR and TBS plays the show 60 times daily in HD. Guess I can save some money. I do love the show, however.

Transformers (PG-13) NEW TO BLU-RAY

Michael Bay apparently knows that the American public will pay to watch anything as long as it has ham-fisted pop culture references, product placement, and big explosions. The movie that was supposed to save HD-DVD finally comes to Blu-ray. Yep… I really couldn’t care less. Now back to watching Go-bots(TM), drinking a Mountain Dew(TM), and lighting G.I. Joe’s(TM) on fire. (Ok, where’s my check?)?

Supernatural: The Complete Third Season (NR)

Hold the phone! THIRD season? How did this ‘show’ get past season one? I must be seriously underestimating the power of the 14 year-old swooning girl demographic.


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