360 Resurrected

So most people that know me or follow my Twitter page, knew that months ago my 360 gave me the dreaded 3RLOD.  I finally managed to fix this with some research online and now it’s running fine again.  For more information on part numbers to buy and links to tutorials, read on….

Now, normally this wouldn’t be an issue as Microsoft was gracious enough to extend their warranty for such an issue to 3 years.  In my case, my obsession with opening things to see how they work and my hatred for White devices led me to void the warranty on my 360. Otherwise, my first suggestion would be to contact Microsoft and have them take care of it under warranty. I cannot stress this enough. My Black case (before they released the Elite) ended up costing me plenty of lost game time compared to if I would have left good enough alone.

Anyway, by no means is this a new fix, I just never got around to doing it.  I am not going to write about the defect in the hardware design that causes the issue as it will be pretty evident as your go about fixing it yourself. I am simply writing this to let you know that the fix does work (been playing it now for a few days, nonstop) and is relatively simple to do. The hardest part of the fix was actually finding a site with reliable part numbers and all the information in one place (and cleaning the old thermal grease off). So I thought it may be useful to post a link to the site I found with the part numbers I used to fix mine and hopefully it will help someone else fix theirs easier.

Please keep in mind that any damage/harm you accidentally (unlikely but possible) cause to anything or to yourself (friends, neighbors, animals… you name it) is your responsibility. Anyway, the site I used can be found here. Very easy, everything you need in one place.  Hopefully you find success as I did with this method.



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