Put Your Rock Band Songs On Your HDD For Rock Band 2

Time to put your Rock Band disk in and rip it to your HDD. For 5 bucks you get 55 of the 58 songs that are on the original disk.

‘Paranoid’ from Black Sabbath, ‘Run To The Hills’ from Iron Maiden, or ‘Enter Sandman’ from Metallica for you though! Apparently Harmonix/EA could not secure new licensing deals for these tracks.

The export update will show up as a tab under the ‘Extra’ options in the Rock Band menu.

Now go prepare yourselves for the almighty Rock Band 2!

Edit: Aperently people are getting pre-release copies for review because we can’t find how to do it and i just found this.

Harmonix PR man John Drake broke it down :

Drake said that on the day “Rock Band 2″ is released — September 14 for the Xbox 360 version — a patch will be issued for the original game. That title update will add an Export feature to the original “Rock Band” game’s menu. Gamers who select that feature will be prompted to input a password, which will be included with copies of “Rock Band 2.” Then you have to pay.

found this info at MTV Multiplayer blog.


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