Game Review: *The Last Guy

Purple lasers from space turn people, and bugs, into zombies… including you.

Exactly how bizarre can a game get? And is it still fun?

Find out in our review of *The Last Guy for PS3, with exclusive gameplay footage.

In a world gone mad… sorry, had to do it.

The setup is this:

  • A purple laser from space has turned everyone it touches into zombies
  • You play a zombie from the Himalayas
  • Apparently the mountains shielded you from some of the effects of the zombie threat
  • You are assisting the Universal Rescue… something or other, to evacuate survivors
  • Run around cities, gathering survivors from their hiding places and lead them to the Escape Zone
  • Each map has a minimum amount of people you must rescue to move on to the next stage
  • You have a time limit before the rescue ship arrives to gather survivors
  • Don’t run into the ‘mean’ zombies

Got that? Good, now we can move into gameplay mechanics.

the entire game is played from a top-down perspective. Imagine you could run around Google maps, and you’ve got the idea. The left analog stick controls your movement, while the right stick controls panning the camera. The R1 and R2 shoulder buttons control zoom level.

As you run around various locations, you can use the X button to switch to ‘heat vision’ mode. This helps you find survivors hiding in the ruins by their glowing green heat signatures. Unfortunately, since zombies are dead, they don’t have a heat signature, making them invisible to you in this mode. Use it sparingly.

As you gather the quaking, screaming populace, they line up behind you and follow your every move. The line gets longer, and it becomes harder to help them avoid antagonizing monsters. To help with this, use your O button to ‘rally’ the survivors around you. This causes them to stampede towards you, huddling in a clump. Useful stuff.

What sounds like a basic game quickly becomes frenetic (and sometimes mildly frustrating) as new zombie types are revealed with every new level.

A great example would be the ‘Giant Zombie’ that sits off screen waiting to roar. Every 30 seconds or so, it lets out an earth shaking (and controller rattling for DualShock 3) growl. This causes all the people lined up behind you to scatter, hiding in the nearest available building.

With new monsters constantly being added, the fun doesn’t wear off, and gameplay evolves quickly.

Although it’s a short game, finding ‘hidden special’ survivors within each map extends things, as does the online leader board. It’s eminently replayable.

Alas, there is no Trophy support, and it doesn’t look like it will be added at a later time.

Still, for only $10 it’s a lot of fun, and something you can pick up and play for a few minutes without feeling the need to dedicate an evening/weekend. It’s filled with inexplicable Japanese voice acting and cheesy 8-bit music, with additional weirdness thrown in for good measure… I like it.

Matt Says: BUY IT

Download a higher quality video here.


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