Toon Inquirer Issue 2: Wendy And Pinocchio Tragedy

What could go wrong with this relationship, check out the other side for the story.

There is a scene in Shrek the Third where Pinocchio was stuck in the little $5.00 theater. Apparently this is was a fetish of Wendy’s that Pinocchio would never do for Wendy.She saw the movie when it launched on DVD and completely lost it, took the little wooden boy out back, and turned him into sawdust. This is what was told to the public when Wendy was taken in for questioning.

That little wooden bastard would never do that for me, why did he do it for the camera!

Looks like Wendy is in for a long stay upstate if they can prove that the wood chips taken into evidence are actually Pinocchio, but all attempts to find and contact Pinocchio have failed. If you have any information of the location of Pinocchio please leave a comment here.

If you haven’t guessed this is a COMPLETE work of fiction, nothing is obviously real, I was bored and thought it would be fun. Hope you enjoyed it and hope it made you smile.


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