Call Of Duty 4 Gets Double XP This Weekend

On September 13 and 14, Call of Duty will be doubling their XP awards.

10 million game selling, “Best of 2007” award winning, one of my favorite wargame FPS, and a hell of a lot of fun, I’d like to invite everyone to play with me, Fury, this weekend.

I hope Matt doesn’t notice that its Activision-owned until after the weekend….

I only have the game on my Xbox 360, and I’m pretty sure no one else has it on anything, so why don’t we call it an official get-together.  I should be able to get away from playing new-daddy on Saturday around 9:00 PM MDT and on Sunday around 12:00 PM.

My Gamertag and PSN account name is Ocherstone (I have to get in day 1 to get Fury on these things) Email at  If I’m wrong and someone around here owns the PS3 version, let’s see if we can get a dueling get-together going.



  1. I know that Brian and Spot have the game for PS3.

    The ‘Matt doesn’t talk about Activision games’ thing will probably be coming to an end soon.

    If you remember, it was all about cross-compatibility with Rock Band/Guitar Hero instruments, and the conditions for me talking about them again are nearly met.

    I’ll be publishing a story shortly that will explain it all.

    Either way, I’M not reviewing Activision games at the moment, but y’all can talk about whatever games you want.

  2. Hey guys, for those with the PS3, details have dropped about their celebrations.

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