Notable DVD And Blu-Ray Releases For 9-09-08

Would you believe I have good things to say this week?

I am going to be SO broke… just a lot of good stuff coming out.

I believe this is the biggest list I’ve ever done.

How big? Find out inside.

Avril Lavigne: The Best Damn Tour (NR)

Best damn tour? Unless it involves footage of the slow torture of Avril AND her hordes of Hot Topic Zombies, I seriously doubt it.

Barry Manilow: Manilow Live! (NR) New To Blu-Ray!

Isn’t the title an oxymoron?

Brian Regan: The Epitome of Hyperbole (NR)

Brian Regan is without-a-doubt, indisputably, and I’ll punch you if you disagree, the funniest man to ever walk the Earth. Buy the disk, find out that I’m right. I dare you.

Cool Hand Luke (NR) DVD & Blu-Ray Release

Paul Newman in one of his best performances. If you haven’t seen it already, you’re probably not cool enough to handle it. Punk.

CSI: Miami Six Season Pack (NR)

A big shiny box set, just in case you can’t enough of a very constipated looking David Caruso saying “I’m the Fiber King.” Sure you are, Dave. Sure you are.

Fast & The Furious 2-Movie Collection (PG-13)

A box set of films that taught our youth that it was cool to spend $100,000 to trick out your $5000 beater, so it will perform like a $50,000 car. No wonder our kids are failing Economics 101. Wonder why they didn’t include the third film in the set? Probably abject embarrassment.

The Forbidden Kingdom (PG-13) DVD & Blu-Ray Release

Jackie Chan? Jet Li? Sounding good so far. Borderline kids movie? Ridiculous performances? Ok… if you have kids, and you like Jackie and Jet, probably worth a buy, or at least a rent.

House of the Dead – Director’s Cut (NR)

Director’s Cut? Really? I already thought the producers let Uwe Boll do whatever he wanted. Obviously they never looked at the film before releasing it… or if they did, they opened a vein in despair.

Kill Bill Vol 1. And Vol 2. (R) New To Blu-Ray!

Finally! On Blu-Ray! I believe that just about says it all.

Night Watch (R) New To Blu-Ray!

Mmmmm… Post-Modern Russian Vampire goodness!

Rodan & War Of The Gargantuas (2 Disc Box Set) (NR)

Two of my favorite Japanese Giant-Monster movies of all time in one low-priced set! I am SO there! War of Gargantuas is especially good after near-lethal amounts of adult beverages. Watching the Gargantuas fight reminds me of growing up with two older brothers who liked to beat the snot out of each other. Please watch (and drink) responsibly.

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies (NR)

Don’t know anything about this movie… except the tagline is ‘Strippers vs. Zombies’. That’s good enough for me.



  1. By strippers you mean Daily Comic Artists? That would leave a funny taste in there mouth….taa taa ding

  2. Would you believe I still havent seen the Kill Bill flicks…was going to watch them a couple of weeks ago but decided to see them for the first time on Blu-Ray

  3. Brian!?!

    What… in… the… HELL!?!

    I’ll be buying the set TODAY. No excuses, you’ll have to come watch them.

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