Bastard Fantasy Football League: Week 1 Round-Up

Some close games, some blowouts, some surprises.

Who came out on top in Week 1 and who needs to find some replacement players fast?

Find out inside.

*WIN*DoucheBaggery (Matt) – 130 vs. Strangled Kittens (Ali) – 71

*WIN*The Fury (TJ) – 71 vs. GRIZ (Uncle Rock) – 55

*WIN*The Legion (Josh) – 89 vs. Mick’s Marauders (HouseOfMick) – 86

*WIN*Killer Kitties (Mel) – 66 vs. SomethingWittyHere (Lee) – 65

Beat TJ (Papa Rock) – 64 vs. *WIN*Frankie’s Crooners (Spot) – 72

*WIN*Rockin55 (Mama Rock) – 105 vs. The Wretched (Brian) – 56

*WIN*Boiler Pride (GNRPowder) – 58 vs. For The Draft (???) – 49


1 Comment

  1. Wow. If I played anyone else I wouldn’t have gotten beat so bad, except Mama Rock. Way to go Matt and Mama Rock for kicking trash like that!

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