Game Review: Hellboy – The Science of Evil (PS3,360)

While not a direct movie tie-in game as it has an original story, it was released around the same time as the new movie in theaters. How does it stand up?

Is it worth playing or should it burn in the depths of Hell?

Read on to find out.

A third person action game that puts you in control of Hellboy. As you make your way through the six chapters, you will encounter various enemies along the way. The game is pretty linear; enter an area and defeat all the enemies in order to continue. Combat consists of quick and heavy attacks, and you can charge your heavy attack to add additional damage at the expense of not being able to move until you release the charge. Beat an enemy down until he is stunned or near death and you can then grapple them and perform a few additional moves including a finishing move. One of these moves gives you the ability to heal yourself by throwing a guy in the air and then performing a mid-air slam.

Hellboy also has the use of the Good Samaritan, which for those of you not familiar with the comics or movies is his over-sized gun. There are various types of ammunition that can be obtained throughout the game. Some of the ammunition is used to solve puzzles such as removing cursed vines on coffins and such. There is an auto aim function which seems to shoot the closest enemy that you are facing or you can use the right analog stick to manually aim, though the sensitivity in the right stick aiming can be difficult.

There is a fair amount of destruction available in the environments and you can use parts of the destroyed environment as weapons or projectiles and this works fairly well.  One of the game mechanics that did get a little old for me was the holding the trigger for everything and repeatedly pushing a button to smash a wall/door, or lift an obstacle. The first time you do this isn’t so bad as you are treated to a close up of Hellboy beating on a wall repeatedly then finally with a powerful blow smashing through it. This is the way I would imagine him doing it anyway, but after performing this so many times, it got old quick.

Graphically, the game is on par with last generation and there really isn’t anything too special in that department. You almost get the feeling that they started to develop it for last gen then decided to just release it for the current generation.

Surprisingly, the sound was my favorite part of the game. The crickets at night in the background and the wail of the ghost barriers when they disappeared were nice touches. However, it was the voice acting of the actors Ron Perlman and Selma Blair that were a nice addition. In particular Perlman’s one liners were funny at times.

Overall, the game was pretty average and more often than not, I just wanted to finish it and be done. Repetitive gameplay and fetch quests were pretty boring and while the fighting can be fun it also became boring to me as well. Breaking things in the game was okay, but if you want to break and throw things around you should probably just play The Incredible Hulk. So unless you are a huge fan of Hellboy and must have it, save your money.

Brian Says – ‘DODGE IT’

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