Warhawk – A Belated Review

What? A very belated look at Warhawk?  Yeah, figured it was due, especially when there are three expansions to the game that continually add more content to make the game worthy of getting back into.  So, after the jump, let’s have a look and breakdown this Playstation 3 exclusive game, shall we?

Overview: Waaarrrhaaawwk! Well, that’s usually the cry heard when you’re defending the flag carrier from incoming attacks, or while defending a zone against their aerial assaults, or perhaps when you’re just going into a deathmatch mayhem.

Either way, this game is a blast to get into. It’s kind of a simple game when it boils down to it. There’s no classes to pick from at the beginning of the fray, there’s no weapon set that you’re locked to until you die in the round… it’s literally – Here’s your war, there’s weapons scattered everywhere, grab a tank, grab a ‘hawk, grab whatever you need and get the job done!

For PS3 trophy fans… it now supports trophies thanks to patch 1.5. *Side note – This title is focused for online play only! It is highly recommended that you have a high-speed internet connection and a free PSN ID setup if you don’t already for this game.

Gameplay:When I first loaded up this game, the controls were pretty quick to get into.  It was simple and straight forward.  Have a primary fire button, a grenade button, a jump button, and an interactive button.  The interactive button covers use of vehicles and mounted weapons.  Each of the vehicles have their own control scheme. The tank feels like a tank regarding the movement style and feel and jeeps are quick with a heavy machine gunner rig on the back.  In most “Capture the Flag” game styles, the flag carrier can hop into those vehicles to attempt a getaway. I can’t neglect the joys of the Warhawk… it has a hover mode and a flight mode.  The dogfighting feels natural and fun as you can pull off some amazing aerial feats to avoid being locked on with various pickups to equip your ‘hawk with to enhance the missile types, defensive weapons, and a certain comrade’s favorite… a Tow Missile… (ya towin’ bastard.)

With such a strong gaming community behind this title, it’s pretty quick to find a game already in motion that you can jump into and join the battle.  There are official servers always running which will increase your game ranking, as well as some player made games that are ranked.  There are also games that are just for fun where the stats aren’t logged or apply to your record.  You have the capability of creating any of these aforementioned gametypes as well as selecting what maps, game modes, and control certain aspects such as allowing the flag carrier to board a Warhawk.  The only trouble I have noticed is that when hosting your own match, it’s tough to get enough people in a ranked games as they usually go into the pre-made Sony servers and rank up there.

Let’s look at a quick overview of game types available with the original game itself, although I do recommend all of the expansions and their unique offerings to the game. Thanks to patch 1.4 there are now six gametypes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Zones, Hero, and Collection. The first four gameplay modes are pretty standard.  Deathmatch is a free-for-all, Team Deathmatch is Team VS Team (duh), Capture the Flag is Team VS Team to capture the enemy flag and return it to your own base, and Zones is a “King of the Hill” styled fighting where you want to hold and control as many of the Zones available to generate points faster.  Hero mode is one of the two new gameplay styles with that’s Team VS Team, but one member on each team receives a significant boost, damage resistance, and weapon upgrades to do some serious damage. You have to take out the enemy Hero to score points, but with their buffs, it is a hell of a great challenge.  Collection mode is more or less a Multi-Capture the Flag.  With four flags/energy cores out there, you can go and collect more than one and attempt to return it to your base.  The rewarding challenge would be to collect and bring back all four cores in at once, you get ten points for your efforts, not to mention mad props. If you just bring back three cores or less, you get a point per core.

Wow, sorry, this turned out to be fairly long winded.  The infantry weapons are all pretty well balanced as well. You have a tank/’hawk buster RPG with flame throwers, pistols, machine guns, mines, grenades, knives, snippy-snap sniper rifles, binoculars of doom (air-strikes), and repairing/sabotaging wrenches to add into the fray.  There’s plenty of heavy machine guns and anti-air craft turrets all throughout the stages so you will always be able to find your niche in the game and utilize what you’re best in. I personally love getting into a base and using everything it’s got to hold it.

So overall, I give this game a phenomenal Buy It.  Solid gameplay, tons of content being provided to keep the game interesting, fun to play with, easy to setup clans and now you can play clan VS clan games, it is a great game to have for the PS3.

Spot is a founder of Solar Shock Pictures, an avid gamer, and a wrenching/RPG fiend when riding in a Warhawk Tank.

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  1. Good review, I’ve gotten back into the game basically because of trophies, but quickly found myself purchasing fallen star – and I haven’t put the game down since.

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