New News On Old Art?

What is art? I know the things I like and consider art, but what is it REALLY?
I thought I would see what the rest of cyberspace had to say about it before I opened my big mouth. Wow!

There is such an extensive amount of information out there concerning the subject that if we all split up the list and checked it all out it would take forever to get through it all. 

If you google the word “art” you will get 1,760,000,000 hits.

If you add the word definition you’ll get 10,900,000 hits.

Performance – 31,200,000.

Abstract – 24,300,000.

Graphic – 39,800,000.

Junk – 2,290,000.

And so on…

The definitions vary as much as the types and styles of art out there. There are even arguments that you cannot define art. Some of the argument is that by defining art you place a criteria in which some art would be left out because it didn’t meet this and other things that aren’t “ART” would be considered art just because they meet the criteria.

I personally believe that art should inspire some emotion in you even if it is loathing.

From man’s earliest days it seems that he has always had the urge to create or decorate or maybe just to re-create. I enjoyed my first art history class so much that I think it’s a good place to start. The paleolithic era has left behind some really interesting representations of human observation. There are portable pieces of sculpture made from wood, ivory, bone, or stone and stationary sculptures and relief carvings, but I think some of the most fascinating are the cave paintings found in the south of France in which pigments were made from various minerals, ochre, and charcoal mixed with water, animal fats, or blood.

There a lot of pics out there to be found so I am hesitant to give you any one source. Just search with the word “Lascaux” and you will find plenty of pictures of the over 1500 depictions from the walls of the caves. 

I will however give you the link to the newest bit of BBC news concerning some of the oldest art on the planet:


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