Demo Impression – MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

 Having spent a little time with the Demo released with this months Qore, I thought I should share some of my impressions…





When the sequel to the 2007 off road racer MotorStorm was announced, I was excited . The original MotorStorm was one of my favorite games early in the PS3 library.  Even though it had a few minor things that irritated me (load times and no split screen), I still enjoyed the experience.

 I was hoping that some of the items I had problems with would be addressed and much to my delight it appears that they may have been. MotorStorm Pacific Rift takes place on a small island and introduces more variety in landscape and visuals that enhance a visually stunning experience to begin with.

The demo allows you to play 1 track, Rain God Spires, which plays homage to the original Rain God Mesa track. The addition of the Monster Truck class brings the total class count up to 8 and allows another vehicle that can easily trash the local vegetation… Did I mention that? Yes, the vegetation can be destroyed and will actually effect smaller vehicles. There will also be destructible structures that can be used to impede your opponents, though I didn’t see any in the demo.

Other enhancements over the original include,  specific buttons to attack or ram left and right (L1/R1), Split screen (finally!) , custom soundtracks and the ability to skip most of a crash sequence. No word as of yet whether the final release will include Trophy support.

While there isn’t any online options in the demo, you can play offline split screen (2 player) which gives the short demo a little bit more life and a taste of what is to come.  After playing the demo, I find myself excited and probably going to play the original a little. I plan on picking this one up. If your not a Qore subscriber, I believe the demo will be release in Oct.


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