Notable DVD And Blu-Ray Releases For 9-16-08

And we’re back to a lackluster week for new home video releases.

How lackluster? Look inside, if you dare.

Speed Racer (PG) DVD and Blu-ray release

Yep… keep violating, perverting, and contaminating my childhood memories, you’ve got nothing better to do.

Stephen King’s The Mist (R) DVD and Blu-ray release

You know it’s getting close to Halloween when they start dragging out the Stephen King movies. My formula for King adaptations? Quality Of Book/Quality Of Director + Age Of Source Material = Quality Of Film. Case in point: The Shining was a good book. Stanley Kubrick was brilliant. Source material was one of King’s early books. The Shining is worth seeing. In this case, the book was merely okay, Frank Darabont is slightly better than competent, and it’s not King’s REALLY old stuff. Think I’ll skip it. Maybe a rental if I get bored.

The Love Guru (PG-13) DVD and Blu-ray release

Austin Yogi, International Man Of Wearing Out His Welcome.

1408 (PG-13) New To Blu-ray

Another Stephen King adaptation. Loved the novella, actually saw this film. Not bad… not bad at all. Preferred the ending in the book, but I’d say this is worth a rent. Certainly don’t PURCHASE it, that would be ridiculous.

Hulk (PG-13) New To Blu-ray

This is the 2003 Ang Lee ‘Hulk’ with Eric Bana, not the new one with Ed Norton. For all the hate this film received, I actually really liked it. I’ll be picking it up. How could you pass up an opportunity to see Hulk repeatedly punch a giant irradiated dog in the crotch… in glorious HD?

Risky Business (R) New To Blu-ray

A crazy Scientologist dancing in his underwear, and someone needs to give Rebecca De Mornay a box of donuts. This I need to see in HD? I think not.


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