Bikes Are Here!

Thats right the day of the bikes has come, so get downloading and check out the other side for details and my little thoughts on this @#$&*#^ (I can’t give it away yet) Patch.

Are you sitting at 101% complete in Burnout Paradise, are you just ready for the next game to come out?  Well wait no more, the bikes are here!  FREE download the next time you start up Burnout gets you the bike patch.  this includes at the start, two bikes, day / night cycles, and a ton of challenges.

Starting with the bikes:
You get two bikes, one is a slower bike that has awesome control, the other is a FAST bike with not so great control, you can do everything for the bikes side of Paradise with either bike so it is up to you.

There are 38 new “against the clock” races, basically they are just like the burning routes from the car side. You get so much time to get from point A to point B. the kicker to these are that some are night rides and some are day rides, you can only start them if you are at a certain time of the day.

Day / Night Cycle:
Is what is sounds like, but you get full control of it (giggles maniacally) so you have one midnight run left but you always play during the day? go under your hood and change it to many different styles, once I got most my races done I set mine to the PS3 clock. this day night thing also affects the amount of cars on the roads, but don’t think you will set it to midnight and hit the freeway to get your 20X burnout award, the freeways are still packed.

Dynamic Weather:
Very interesting, I haven’t see it rain yet, but cloud cover in the middle of the day takes the glare off the road. But the fog that rolls in at three AM while you are in the middle of a midnight race just sucks!

I haven’t had the chance to hit the online with the rest of the Bastards yet to check out the online bikes.

So there you have it, looks great and is a blast. Can’t wait to hit the challenges with the guys!

Oh, and just so you know the @#$&*#^  =  AWESOMENESS, its free and great how much more awesome can you get.


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