Game Review: Star Wars Force Unleashed (PS3, 360, PSP)

The eagerly anticipated title has finally been released. Is The Force strong with this one or should it be launched out the shuttle bay into space along with anything related to Jar Jar?

Let’s take a look at Star Wars Force Unleashed…

BRIAN’S REVIEW (PS3 and XBox 360)

A long time ago…

There were good Star Wars games like the X-Wing/Tie Fighter series,  Dark forces/Jedi Knight series, Battle Front 2, and of course KOTOR. When first announced, like most Star Wars games I was excited, but that quickly faded as I remembered the long list of titles that I was disappointed in, such as Obi Wan, the Rogue Squadron series, Galaxies…. I could go on all day.

I keep my excitement in check thinking back to those titles. When I finally played the demo, I was relieved to find that it was very fun. It reminded me a lot of God of War and Heavenly Sword, not a bad thing.

Play style is a lot like the aforementioned titles GOW and HS; third person action, melee weapon wielding and sequence events when you meet bosses, only set in the Star Wars Universe.  First of all, the game looks very good and there are a variety of planets and places to run around in and cause some havoc with. The detail and amount of destruction possible is nice. Voice talent is good and the cut scenes are well done. The story is well thought out and fits within the time-line (between Episodes III and IV) and of course there are multiple endings.

There is a fair amount of customization within the game that wasn’t in the demo (at least I didn’t notice). You accumulate spheres by completing levels, bonus objectives or just finding them (holocrons). You apply them as you see fit to your force powers, combos or passive skills. You also find/unlock crystals that allow you to customize your lightsaber, such as color and attributes like adding a chance to cause lightning damage when you attack.

The combos in the game are good but things really shine when you string together force powers and create your own. Personally I like to charge people up with a lightning grenade and then force push them into a crowd. Watching them explode and take out the rest of their group. Fun stuff. The Euphoria engine is amazing and gives you a ton of variety and interactivity within the environment.

The timed action sequences in the game are very fun and add a change of pace. Unlike God of War, there are a few different per boss, so you’re not always seeing the same cinematic. Boss battles are pretty fun, but I felt a lot of them were way too easy and could be beaten in one or two tries. There really aren’t any puzzles to speak of in this game so it leaves little to think about.

There are a fair amount of unlockables in the form of Concept Art and Costumes to change your appearance, as well as cheat codes (stay tuned for a list). I did have a few camera issues and a graphic glitch here and there, but nothing that I would consider a deal breaker. Overall, I am very please with my purchase and look forward to playing through this title a few more times.

Brian Says: BUY IT


Having an embarrasment of riches in home console games to play, I decided to pick up SWFU on Playstation Portable, allowing me more opportunity to play the game, as I spend a lot of time traveling, waiting for others, and generally sitting on my keister in remote locations.

I’ll start with the good; this is one of the better looking PSP titles on the market, the storyline is far better than any of the ‘prequel’ movies, and with the exception of Darth Vader, the voice acting is outstanding (hey, who could do it better than James Earl?)

The game begins with the ‘origin’ story of the Apprentice, allowing you to play as Vader himself. While this is a great beginning to the game, it tends to create a strange vacuum during the early stages; after being so amazingly overpowered, the Apprentice seems a little gimped for a large chunk of the game.

I found myself wanting to play as Vader.

The boss battles were somewhat scattershot, ranging from ridiculously easy to punishingly hard, and regular stage areas suffered from a fatal flaw.

It’s entirely possible to hold the square button (block) and walk slowly through the entire level. A few higher powered enemies notwithstanding, most blaster packing baddies will shoot at you and quickly be dispatched by their own reflected fire.

As much as I tried to avoid this, it was a little weird to know that an easy out was available at any moment, and it ruined the game for me.

Fans of the Star Wars Universe will most likely pick the game up, simply to reveal the extra story elements that fill the gap between trilogies, while casual players will most likely enjoy the easy and wanton destruction afforded by massive force powers.

If you fall into one of those groups, you should probably pick it up.

Me, I was left saying… ‘Meh, it was a nice diversion. What else do I have to play?’

Matt says – RENT IT


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