Trophy List: Mainichi Issho

First off, do I want to know what this is, from the trophy list it looks like a magazine you grab in the Playstation Store.  Either way if you are looking for some simple trophies check out the other side for the really short list

Tophy List: Mainichi Issho

Install the September update
Read Toro Station 3 times
Read Toro Station 10 times

Read Toro Station 30 times
Read Toro Station 50 times

Read Toro Station 90 times
Read Toro Station 120 times


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  1. Out of curiosity I looked this up. Mainichi Issho is a game released on the Japanese Playstation Store in November of 2006. Toro Station is a blog-like news section of the game. Apparantly it is really popular in Japan, but has not been released anywhere else.

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