Game Review: Guitar Hero: World Tour vs. Rock Band 2

Time again to pit two similar games against each other.

This time we’ll be looking at rhythm game behemoths Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2.

Two games enter… one game leaves…

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NASCAR And LittleBIGPlanet Together

Last weekend the 20 car in the Nationwide series that has GameStop as its main sponsor ran with LBP on the car, check the other side for more pics.
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PS3 Trophy Tips: Rock Band 2

This is it! Our first Monster Mega Trophy Tip Guide.

Past the jump you’ll find a complete walkthrough of all trophies in Rock Band 2, with tips, tricks, and things that will make you feel like a dirty, dirty, trophy whore.


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Game Of The Month Poll – October 2008

We’ve decided to start awarding ‘Game Of The Month’ status to one lucky title, in the hopes that it will make our ‘Game Of The Year’ a little easier to decide.

Then we ran into a problem.

With so many great games releasing this month, and each Bastard with their own opinion, there has been some… shall we say ‘spirited debate’?

Help us choose the title most deserving of becoming our Game Of The Month by voting in the poll below.

NOTE: Games from the last week of October are not included so we have time to compile votes. That’s why you don’t see Fallout 3 on the list, but you MAY see it on our November list… if it’s good enough.

Selling Out With Rock Band

Does buying in-game ad space also mean buying editorial control?

Not so long ago I was tasked with reviewing Rock Band 2 for the XBox 360.

I’m not going to recap my review, you can find it elsewhere on the site, but something interesting (and a little funny) happened during my play through.

I’m currently preparing a PS3 Trophy Guide for the game now that it’s available for Sony’s platform, and as I got to the same point in the game…

It got more interesting.

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Finally A Supercomputer For The Working Man!

Just the other day I was using my pocket calculator to create a complex climate simulation gauging the effects of lunar cycles on bacteria growth in wetland areas.

I was thinking to myself ‘This would be SO much easier if I just had a supercomputer, but who has an extra million dollars laying around?’

Cray must have been eavesdropping on my thoughts (again) because they just announced their new ‘budget’ desktop supercomputer!

Sporting 8 nodes with 64 cores and 64GB of RAM each (that’s 512 cores and 512 GB of RAM total) and starting at an easy to afford $25,000… who DOESN’T want one?

It even comes in Windows HPC or Linux flavors.

Click the image above for a brochure and ordering information.

Now… pardon me, I have a kidney to sell.

Trophy List – Call Of Duty: World At War

Even though I’ve never really played a World War II shooter, I feel compelled to make a snarky comment about how many there are on the market right now.

I understand it’s in the ‘Video Game Blog Handbook’, but I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail.

Get your list on inside.

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