Game Review: Lego Batman (PS3)

Hey check it out!

I’ve finally played enough of the game to review Lego Batman!

Check out the other side to see what I thought of the game.

Having been a fan of Batman for most of my life and after playing Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones, I was pretty excited for this game to come out.

And the game didn’t disappoint.

Just like the other Lego games you start out going through the story mode. There are 3 stories, played throughout Gotham City, that are very reminiscent of the old tv show with Adam West and Burt Ward. After playing through the first story as Batman and Robin, a switch activates in the Batcave that lets you flip over to Arkham Asylum where you get to play as the villains in the same story.

Very cool option actually.

As Batman and Robin, your primary objective is to fight the bad guys and put the main villains in jail. As the villains, you work through puzzles to set up Penguin, Riddler, and Joker’s dastardly plans.

After playing through each of the stories, you, of course, unlock free play so you can run all over the levels finding all the secret goodies as whichever unlocked character you want.

This was actually quite humorous. On more than one occasion, I beat Catwoman as Catwoman or Harley Quinn as Harley Quinn. While you get to choose which character you start with, you always have in your carousel of characters a Batman (or Batgirl) and a Robin (or Nightwing) as well as all of their special suits.

All in all, I really enjoyed this game. There were a few annoyances (mainly the stupidity of the AI you run around with), but those were easily looked over. Unless you really don’t like Batman or Lego games, I say go BUY IT. It’s a fun game for kids and adults.

Buy LEGO Batman (PS3)


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