Game(?) Review: Linger In Shadows (Playstation Store)

Is it a game? Absolutely not. Is it worth the paltry $2.99 entry fee? Jump inside to find out.

I strongly considered not writing this review, but somehow this title has stuck with me, made me think a little longer about things, to consider possibilities.

That’s what art does: it makes you think. That’s why I’m reviewing this ‘game’.

In case I haven’t made myself clear, Linger In Shadows (LIS) is NOT a game… it’s not a video… but it may be something we get used to seeing. The developers already have several similar concepts in the works.

If you were to take a group of modern surrealists and have them collaborate on a single art project, then put that work into motion, then add interactive elements, you’d have LIS.

Look and tone shifts through five unique ‘stages’, presumably designed by individual artists (all from the computerized ‘demoscene’) and tied together with a common theme. I found myself reminded of the ‘deadly’ video sequence in the horror movie ‘The Ring’. It felt an awful lot like I was able to pause, rewind, and look around the cursed video. It felt jumbled and disjointed at first, but through interactivity and repeated viewing, it began to focus the piece as a whole.

By the end, I felt like I had finally grasped at least some of the meaning behind things.


Part of my enjoyment came from discovering the smallest means of control and understanding of the interface. There are no manuals, there are no explanations, and it’s pretty obtuse at first. The sense of accomplishment was deeply satisfying, but somehow, had this been a GAME I know I would have found it frustrating.

While I can’t recommend the title for everyone, it’s inexpensive and I promise, you haven’t seen anything like it before.

For PS3 Trophy hunters, there are just over a dozen available in LIS (all bronze and silver, no gold or platinum), and if you’re REALLY desperate for some bling… you can get them all in about an hour.

An hour? Yes, it’s a short experience, but it’s still less cash than a movie ticket.

If you enjoy trips to the art museum, like being forced out of your comfort zone, or just want some quick trophies… BUY IT.

If you’d rather stab yourself in the eye than admire a Salvadore Dali piece, you’ll want to DODGE IT.

I had fun with it. Was worth the $3 to me.

Then again, I’m still trying to figure out what I just saw… and I like that.


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  1. I appreciate your review of this experience Matt!

    I picked this up for a number of reasons:
    – It intrigued me.
    – I also feel it is very important to support games/content in the less than $10 space (like Elefunk!) to encourage futher development in this market.
    – trophy support was also a welcome addition.

    I enjoyed the lingering experience a lot!
    It was the single weirdest video game experience that I have ever had!!! (Sorry MGS4!)

    I consider it well worth the $3, for the experience, if not the trophies.

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