SOCOM: Confrontation – How Angry Must I Be?

NOTE: This is NOT our official review of SOCOM: Confrontation. It is a look and resulting opinions of one man during his first few hours with the game. A full review will be posted soon, with requisite patches and firmware updates installed, hopefully fixing most problems.

October 14, 2008… I’m excited to play Dead Space and SOCOM.

Dead Space was delayed in shipping, so I decided to fill my need for pixel-based destruction with the new SOCOM title.

I had no idea things could get this out of control.

6:30pm – Disk insertion. Started charging the included Bluetooth Headset. Manual says it will take three hours. I can use my old USB headset or one of my other BT sets until it’s ready.

6:31pm – That’s funny, there are TWO blue disk icons for SOCOM in my XMB. I launch the first icon, and after several minutes of disk spinning it informs me that I have to run the INSTALLER first. The game instructs me to exit and run the OTHER icon first. Shouldn’t there be an auto-installer? Did I just step back to 1992 PC gaming? Ah well… minor annoyance.

6:35pm – Installer launched. It’s informing me that it’s preparing to install… please wait.

6:40pm – I’m still waiting… it’s still preparing.

6:50pm – A progress bar! YES! It’s finally done preparing! It’s now INSTALLING!

7:00pm – Install is complete. Wow. And people complained about Metal Gear’s 9 minute data shuffle.

7:01pm – Finally launching the game. Hmmm… got one of those ‘this game autosaves’ messages. Strange thing is, it says that while it’s autosaving there will be a distinctive icon on the screen. Did they not have an example to show me? I wonder what the auto-save icon looks like. If it looks like my crosshairs, this could get confusing. Hope I recognize it. This is starting to smell like ‘incomplete game’. I hate that smell.

7:02pm – Now I’m getting a message telling me there’s no save data. I know… I haven’t played the game yet. It forces me to create a save game. Ok… that’s pretty standard.

7:03pm – Save game creation complete, now it’s trying to sign me in to the PSN. Hmmm… I’m already signed in. Yep… when I try to sign in, it tells me I’m already signed in, then let’s me connect to Sony’s servers anyway. That’s odd.

7:04pm – What’s this? I have to update to version 1.10? ALREADY?!? Geez… guess I’ll wait out the download.

7:20pm – Patch is downloaded, now it’s installing. CAN I JUST PLAY THE GAME ALREADY!?

7:25pm – Ok… install, patch, install. I’m ready now.

7:26pm – Oh holy HELL! It’s saying something is corrupt! I throw my controller at one of the cats and go out for a cigarette before I start damaging something expensive.

7:40pm – Now that I’m calm, I’ve noticed it says my save game is corrupt. The game instructs me to exit the game, delete my save data and restart. <insert vulgarity here> My FRESH game save that has never been used.

7:44pm – I got into the game! Creating a character, then I’m going to take my frustration out online.

8:00pm – Joining a game… cool.

8:05pm – Still joining… is this normal?

8:07pm – This isn’t normal, I’m backing out and trying again. Oh… it locked up the PS3. That explains why it isn’t joining. Rebooting…
8:10pm – I’m in… I’m playing… I’m having fun… Ok, maybe I was getting upset for no reason. Now I’m  just upset because I spawned on top of a live grenade. <shrug> Things happen.
8:15pm – That was fun! And BIG BONUS, my BT Headset is done charging! Didn’t take as long as the manual said it would.
8:18pm – Why won’t the headset synch up via USB cable? Oh yeah… almost missed it in the manual ‘Firmware Version 2.5 required for advanced functions.’ FIRMWARE 2.5 ISN’T OUT YET! Dimwits released a product that requires a firmware update that doesn’t exist yet. Is Sony late with the firmware, or is the game early? Fine, I’ll just use it in ‘Basic’ mode.
8:30pm – Just tried checking out my stats against my friend list… hmmm… my stats aren’t there. Let me try again… OOPS! It just locked up again. Have to hard boot my machine.
8:40pm – Brian is almost through the install and patch, I’ll create a clan while I wait for him.
8:50pm – Brian is ready to play, he’s accepted the clan invite, let’s play!
8:51pm – Found a game, need to invite Brian to the skirmish… pull up my friends list and… LOCKUP!
8:52pm – !$%$!#^%$!%$!#%^$%$!!#$!!!!!! Shutting the machine off, I’m having another cigarette.
9:20pm – Had to take a phone call, gave me time to calm down… now back to the game. I’ll just power up the PS3 and… Firmware 2.5 is now available.
10:00pm – Firmware update is complete.
10:01pm  I don’t really feel like playing anymore. I’ve got work in the morning… going to bed. F**k you Slant 6, and f**k you Sony.
Matt Ellis is a founding member of Bag Of Mad Bastards, co-host of Drunken Monkey Tech, and can’t believe the level of incompetence shown by the creators of this game. His opinions and his venom are his own.


  1. Sounds about what i experienced, except i never made it into a game. I gave up after the first lockup.

  2. Ok at this point Socom Confrontation is an epic failure.
    No excuse for this from Sony and or Slant 6 we all work to hard for the money we just spent.
    So short of returning the game…which may happen anyway, I suggest the following action.

    Call Sony the number is 1-800-345-7669
    Expect to be on hold for a good while
    When customer service answers explain your concerns with the product.
    Ask then to speak to a Supervisor

    Tell them you want to file a formal complant.
    They will give you the following address to send your letter.

    ATT: Customer Affairs
    PO BOX 5888
    SAN Mateo CA

    Write and send your letter expressing total remorse for buying this dud.

  3. i think after you get threw all the bs and the servers finally start running right, this game will be totally ba. Ive been a long time 360 player and cod n halo of course, i think this game blows both of them out of the water minus the dl and mass histeria the first few days. I already had a bt head set so i got the gm for 40 bucks i thought that was a steal in itself. The maps are HUGE and the graphics are very solid and im only playin on 1080i overall ill keep trying to play, but i bet they have this up and running smooth in a week or less.

  4. Seriously, it’s been 2 weeks and the game still has the same problems.

    Also, the game doesn’t have the features ADVERTISED ON THE BOX.

    It’s time to file a class action lawsuit and make an example outta this Canadian Dogshit company and SONY. Too many game companies turn out crap that has been overhyped and delayed so that they can keep your wallet targeted to their product. Even if its a phantom.

    This is robbery and it has to stop.

    It would also help if people weren’t so stupid. Most people just shell out that dough like lambs led to the slaughter.They are the product of growing up in our new politically correct world where you cannot speak the truth or be smart without being slamming you for rocking the boat.

    Well, I am for tying an anchor to Slant Six and sending them to the depths for the crap they pulled.

    Seth Luisi is a douchebag and Sony PS3 is an overrated FLOP!

    Most of these noobs are yelling NEXT GEN IS AWESOME. Yeah, next gen.

    Well my friend, next gen has been going on for years on the PC platform. Games, servers, features, graphics have been STOMPING consoles for years but these NOOBS still think they are rocking the hot new shit.

    Wake up. Next Gen is a buzzword.

    SLOWBOMB is a pathetic attempt by SONY to keep their franchise going after Zipper moved on to MAG. Someone needs to pay. Can you smell CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?

    Tut Tut and Cheerios fools.

  5. We’re waiting for Tuesday (2 weeks after release) then we’ll be writing our review based on the launch and the current state of the game.

    As of this moment, it’s not going to be kind.

  6. I agree with the author of the timeline scenerio. I went through the same exact thing, and still getting lockups. I thought it might just be my PS3, but now I see it’s of course this piece of crap game that I’ve been waiitng for so long. I’ve purchased every SOCOM game ever made, and was expecting the best game ever, man was I fooled. I still get error messages evertime I start the game stating there may be no saved game data and they are working in the server. You would have thought with all the time they had to produce the game, this wouldn’t be a problem. I’m disappointed with Slant 6, but more importantly with Sony for letting this happen. We all spend crazy amounts of money on their systems and game. You’d like to think they would take the time to edit the games they promote with the utmost discretion. I’ll be hard pressed to purchase another game from Slant 6. A class action suit would be nice, let’s get tit done.
    Thanks for reading, I needed to get that out.

  7. Here we are almost a month 2 the date from release. Now Seth and Co are putting up blogs saying NO PROMISES to about every DEV Q&A question out there. This is a complete 360 from the interviews and video tidbits released way before launch.

    The game released is the same as the BETA. One patch later and there are the same issues as before although load times are a bit better.

    That is not saying much. The packaging on the box promises features that aren’t coming and SONY has even gone so far as to revise the TERMS OF AGREEMENT on the site just around release. Why? Cuz they knew it was bad and wanted to try an get an iron clad agreement to prevent any lawsuit.

    Here is the catch. The game itself is ONLINE ONLY and therein lies the loophole and catch22. You pay for a game with no guarantees so it’s your fault.

    Maybe so but that brings back the packaging. There are many features IN WRITING that are not in the game at launch and still not in the game. When asked, Seth and Co. gave no date and said they were “…looking into addressing the problem and can’t make any promises.”

    Seems as if a lawsuit is in the works but SONY is really trying to put the clamps on anyone saying anything. In fact, as of yesterday, they released a blog about a paintball tourney on the SOCOM site that basically poured salt on the open wounds of gamers. (yeah, paintball… what that has to do with the new patch, i dunno) The responses have been getting deleted left and right and now nobody can be reached for comment.

    As if it cannot get worse… IT DOES. Gamestop is only offering a $5 refund and they have reported record numbers of returns on this game release and have so many returns in their store as well as unsold copies. This is hard to digest considering this WAS Sony’s number one shooter and its biggest game franchise over the past 6 years.

    While SOCOM fanboys are still bashing anyone with valid posts about game problems, glitches, etc (the game is riddled with bugs and glitches) it seems as if the faithful are starting to crumble as you see those that stuck up for the BETA and the game turning on their beloved SOCOM.

    Im sure developers at Slant 6 have already started sending out resumes and starting packing up shop. Nobody will touch another game from them as they shouldn’t. Hopefully Seth “Loser” Luisi will also be outta of job cuz everything he has touched has turned to crap. Shame on SONY for making a fast buck on gamers at the expense of a great franchise game.

    This is THE WORST GAME FLOP since ET for the ATARI 2600.


  8. is there any way that we can sue for false advertisement

  9. I would love to sue those bastards.. Talk about baiting us with a box lies.. i look at the socom box that i purchase. And i just can’t believe they can lie to us like this.. There is no god or higher power.. if no one fixes this problem.. people will have to unite. and throw sony down!

  10. Past Mid-June now and the problems seem to just be getting worse. There is no communication to the community (who is somehow still loyal) and the Socom forums have gone nuclear. The only thing Slant Six even mentions to the public is that “We’re working on things but can’t tell you what they are, or when you’ll get them, or what we’re basing any of this on”. It’s almost as if they are undergoing a conscious effort to make me remember the name Slant Six and Seth Luisi, and hate them for their ineptness and dishonesty. I’ll never buy anything related to either of those two again – ever.

  11. so here it is over a year later and the game is working better than release date but still no DLC as promised. Slant 6 is a joke ok a company and I will NEVER buy anything from them again. I hope that Zipper kills Slant 6 with MAG this Jan because they are the true pulse behind Socom.

  12. Never had any frustrating issues with SOCOM thatsd NEVER, played ot for 100 hours plus on line and its in my humble opinion an excellent realistic third person shooter with very minor flaws. Your STATS are kept on /6 servers, your PS3 save is weapons. load out etc not the important stuff.

    Now Modern Warfare 2 is shit hot too, but its a diffrent kind of shooter.

    Oh MAG is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. I’ve played it and BEta Tester (like others). MAG promises so much but its just an EPIC FAILURE of a game.

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