Don't Believe Everything You Read On A Game Box!

Adding insult to injury with SOCOM: Confrontation, Jeff Rubenstein (Social Media Manager For Sony) has given us updated information on Trophy Support via the Official Playstation Blog:

We’ve noticed a couple of comments today on the blog from gamers who purchased SOCOM Confrontation; you’ve been asking “Where are the trophies?”

Well, I just wrapped up a conversation with the SOCOM team, where they’ve confirmed the fact that trophies *will* be coming, via a patch, within the next couple of weeks.


So… you released a game with hardware that wasn’t supported by the current firmware (granted, it was updated late the very same day), a ridiculous install procedure that can take HOURS, constant lockups, intermittent server performance, and to top it all off it lacks a feature that it clearly advertises on the box?

Thanks a bunch guys… thanks a bunch.


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