Drunken Monkey Tech #56 Available NOW!

We throw down a Rock Band 2 challenge, talk up Dead Space, and get ugly with the debacle that is the SOCOM: Confrontation launch… and a lot more.

Get it HERE.



  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the very nice Shout Out in DMT #55 – finally got around to listening to it on my MP3 player while doing yardwork.

    I was also wondering if the Resistance 2 beta contest was still open? I figure I got one part of it (make friends with you guys on PSN), but I couldn’t figure out how to do the second part. I needed to comment on some podcast site about DMT? Couldn’t find a link though.

    Anyway, two great shows, although my MP3 player died towards the end of #56. I was trying to hold off any new purchases, but now you have me itching for both LBP and Dead Space. damn you!

  2. Sorry bro… Resistance 2 Beta contest passed without any entrants, so we gave the key away to one of our reviewers so they can get a head start on things (no, we don’t review beta code, but they can start to get an idea from the beta).

    Currently we have a contest for Rock Band 2 for PS3 running (details in DMT#56). Prize is a $60 Amazon gift card, so you can buy the game of your choice (up to $60… of course).

    All you have to do is be friends with The Bastards on PSN and beat us to 100% trophies in RB2.

    Glad we turned you on to LBP and DS… LBP looks to be something special, and DS is a game that NEEDS to be played if you like scifi and horror.

    We’re going to be having some more contests soon, lots of BOMB swag to give away, so stay tuned…

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