LittleBigPlanet Delayed… All Regions Effected

Apparently LBP has some potentially offensive material shipping on the disk!

Reports are streaming in that one of the musical pieces in the game includes passages from the Khoran (Muslim religious text for those of you who don’t know), and Sony is recalling the game to remove the objectionable material.

Europe is facing a 2-3 week delay, but no word on whether North America will be effected.

With street dates already being broken in the States, it’s likely the game will be patched at launch, or not edited in it’s initial release here.

[UPDATE] November 14 is the new targeted release date for LBP in Europe.

[UPDATE UPDATE] Sony has confirmed that the delay effects ALL regions, but has not set a firm date for release.

[UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE] Sony and Media Molecule confirm the North American release will be the ‘week of’ October 27 with the European release following on October 31st.


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  1. That sucks… well maybe I wont take the PS3 on my trip after all…

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