Notable DVD And Blu-Ray Releases For 10-21-08

I take a few weeks off from the list thinking no one will notice.

‘Maybe nobody really cares for it, and I’ll write something else instead’ I said to myself.

Stop with the emails, I get it.

You’ll find the list inside… no additional charge for the Jumbo Order of Hostility.

The Incredible Hulk (PG-13) Blu-Ray & DVD Release

I’ve heard good things, but I just can’t get past the fact that Eric Bana passed on this… and so did Jennifer Connelly. Ed Norton CERTAINLY could find work, and Liv Tyler has got to be rolling in all that Lord Of The Rings cash. Talk about mixed messages. Something just seems off here… tell me again why this film was made?

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (PG) Blu-Ray & DVD Release

An acquaintance of mine honestly thought Ben Stein was a Creationist after seeing this movie. Ummm… it’s called satire. While intelligent design doesn’t belong anywhere near a public school, the film shows an alarming disconnect between ‘scientists’ and the scientific method. In the end, both sides look like close-minded bigots. This is good… I like laughing at stupid people.

The Strangers (R) Blu-Ray & DVD Release

See? Liv Tyler can find work! Brian liked this one… I haven’t seen it yet. I’m thinking it’s a rental.

Halloween (NR) New To Blu-Ray

If there were ever a film that didn’t need a remake, this is it. Thank you Mr. Zombie for ruining one of the most enigmatic and captivating movie psychos in history. I don’t care about the sequels, they were largely crap anyway. Why did you have to remake the FIRST FILM? Why couldn’t you remake ‘Season Of The Witch’? Nobody would have cared. What’s next on your agenda, clubbing baby seals with copies of the disk? Hang on… I might actually pay to see that…

Sweeney Todd (R) New To Blu-Ray

The next person that suggests I see this movie gets an elbow to the nose. F*** Tim Burton, f*** Johnny Depp, and most importantly f*** musicals that don’t involve Rocky Horror. Keep prying and I’ll tell you how I REALLY feel.

Sold Out: A Threevening With Kevin Smith  (NR)

The first disk I bought (An Evening With), the second one I rented (Evening Harder). It’s played out. I don’t think the premise carries enough weight to move TWO films, let alone a trilogy, and yet here we are. Sold Out is certainly an appropriate title. Less time in a lecture hall Mr. Smith, more time BEHIND the camera. This is coming from a guy who thought Jersey Girl wasn’t awful.

James Bond Blu-Ray Collection 1 & 2

Instead of making snarky comments for the collection as a whole, I’ll hit each film individually.

  • Die Another Day (PG-13) – Alternate Title: Watch Another Film
  • Live And Let Die (PG) – Roger Moore, a redneck sherrif, and a slide whistle. *sigh*
  • Thunderball (PG) – Rushed, flawed and… actually pretty good.
  • From Russia With Love (PG) – See Thunderball, with more good.
  • For Your Eyes Only (PG) – Roger Moore is too old, too 80’s, and too ‘skiing on greenscreen’.
  • Dr. No (PG) – If you’re only going to buy one of these films… don’t buy anything with Roger Moore.


  1. Sorry to say Matt, but Ben Stein *is* a creationist and the movie *is* supposed to be a real documentary on how awful science is that they won’t let Creationism be taught in science class. So it is even more scary than you might think!

  2. That IS more scary than before. Creationism and Intelligent Design are so laughable it completely floors me that anyone would actually buy into it… let alone anyone who doesn’t have an obvious mental deficiency.

    The point still stands: there is a disconnect between many scientists and the scientific method. And instead of ‘poking fun’ at Creationist lunatics… well… Stein just reinforces their status as certifiable zealots.

    It’s a sad state indeed.

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