PS3 Trophy Tips: Buzz! Quiz TV

Call it cheating, call it trophy whoring, call it whatever.

Here’s a few tips to help you get some of the trophies in Buzz! Quiz TV just a little bit easier than you thought.

Lonesome and Loving It (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

‘Play (5, 20, 50) single player games’. These trophies are essentially a grind, but you NEED to know that the game only counts games without category restrictions. If you’re selecting a category or set of questions at the start of the game, it won’t count towards your totals.

Socialite (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

‘Play (5, 20, 50) multiplayer games’. This time you’re tasked with playing local multiplayer games. Don’t have any friends? Can’t get the friends you have together often enough to get these trophies? Hook up two controllers and double-fist it, playing two characters at the same time. It’s not hard to do, and you can burn through a game in about 10 minutes. Trophy whoring at it’s most basic.

Flawless Round

‘Correctly answer all questions in a multiplayer round with all players’. This one is easier than it sounds. Rather than trying to coordinate multiple players to answer all questions correctly, use the ‘single player, multiple controller’ technique (see the Socialite trophy tip). Choose trivia categories you’re comfortable with, and remember MyBuzz! quizzes don’t count.

This article will be constantly evolving. Got a tip you’d like to share? Put it in the comments section below, and if it’s a good one, we’ll add it to the list (and give a you hearty thank you… but no money).


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  1. I just completed this and it is pretty friggin easy. I’m not sure if the Sofa vs. Sofa trophies count if you’re playing against friends online, but if they do then you just have to have someone lose to you 50 times. However, I played online against random people. My suggestion is to pay attention to the questions when doing the other trophies because they will be used during the online game. My tips for online play would be:

    -If you pick the category, pick one that you know and not one that you think others might suck at.
    -In the Beat the Clock round, it helps immensly if you know the answer before it appears on the screen. Having the lead is great at the end of the 1st round because if you answer everything else right after that, you’ll never lose.
    -In All That Apply you can see everyone else’s answers, so I like to screw with people by picking wrong answers and then switching to the right ones at the last minute. If you aren’t sure what the answers are, follow everyone else’s lead. Yeah, they might be screwing with you too but if you both have the same answers then you get the same amount of points and assuming that you are in the lead you will stay there.
    -In High Stakes, bet 500 points every time. Yeah you could fail, but usually everyone bets 500 too so if you bet too little you can get passed up in points. Only bet less if you’re sure you can’t be passed up.

    For the “Barnard Awards” (score 1500, 3000, and 5000 in a single player game) what you can do is pause the game with the PS button on your controller and then search Google for the answer if you’re not sure. This applies for the “He’s on Fire” (Answer 10 ?’s correctly in a row) and “Lightning Reactions” (3 ?’s correct in a row, with each answered in under 1/2 second)

    The MyBuzz awards I don’t believe count towards your single player or multiplayer totals either, but maybe someone will prove me wrong on that. Creating the My Buzz quizzes are easy too. I just Googled for multiple choice trivia and retyped some quizzes for Buzz.

    So yeah, it’s time consuming but very, very easy to do

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