Game Review: LittleBIGPlanet

lbpcoverYeah its been out a while, but it took a while for the servers to come up so I could get some online play done before reviewing it.

Hit the other side to know what I think about this game.

When I picked up LittleBIGPlanet (I will use LBP for the rest of the review) I was already excited to get into it and play some levels.  I had some idea of what to expect because I was lucky enough to get into the beta.

Jumping into the single player game I started to get through levels, then the ninja training hit me and I realized that this game gets HARD. There is no easy, medium, or hard difficulty setting.  You play through just like everyone else. So it can get very problematic at times. If you are stuck take a break and do something else for a bit then get back to it and you should be fine.

Graphically this game looks great. It might not seem like graphics really matter in the game but getting a close look at the glass material or some of the cloth, it just looks amazing.

Sound wise the game is good, has a variety of good music that is catchy and doesn’t get repetitive, unless you are playing the creative levels. It feels like they all use the same 2 or three songs.

The game play is absolutely amazing,  the story line levels are mainly platform style levels.  But the create your own can be ANYTHING.  So for the creative types out there this should be your home.

The storyline? Well, there is one, but I don’t know anyone who actually paid attention.  You get a lot of your stuff to make levels within the storyline mode so it is more of a grind through it so you have more stuff.

Multiplayer is a TON OF FUN, four players running around trying to figure out how to do something is just great.

All in all this is a amazing game with endless possibilities. If you like games at all and a have a PS3, you MUST have this one.  BUY IT!


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  1. After refusing to do anything that might even get my name in the running for a beta slot, I wanted to get into LittleBIGPlanet to have some fun with my friends and get some platforming on. Overall, I’ve been impressed with LBP and while I have some minor gripes, I’d have to review it favorably so far.

    The good is in the graphics, sound, fun factor, and the ability to make your own levels. The bad is the forced mulitplayer, sheer difficulty in some parts, controls, and the ability to make your own levels. Let’s go down the list:

    The graphics are very good looking on my screen, and I assume that you have an HD set if your playing with the PS3. If you don’t, you’re missing out because the textures and vibrant colors are really something to behold in LBP. Sound is likewise good, though the repeats of some songs can be grating.

    This game is fun, and solving the puzzles to get places is really challenging and you fell accomplished when you get to the end of a level. The difficulty can get up there on some parts, and you only have 4 lives at a time to get places, so you may be restarting levels if you have your heart set on getting somewhere out of the way. As another two-edged sword, the game is really fun with others, but also very difficult. You are all stuck on one screen and if anyone gets stuck and goes out of the screen more than a few body-lengths, they will die. This isn’t a problem when you have 4 people who already know where to go, but with a newbie or inexperienced player, or a stranger online, if can get tiresome.

    Speaking of online, you can get through the single player story rather quickly, unlock a large percentage of items and go about making your own levels very quickly, But the problem is that some people make crappy levels, so you have to be patient with finding decent levels. Your own levels can be very simple or difficult, it depends on how much time you’re willing to spend, and requires patience in dealing with the easy, but very in depth level creator. As a not very creative or patient person, this has required a lot of work on my part.

    Controls can get a bit wonky and you miss some easy grabs sometimes, and the three levels of depth are a pain to get down, but overall the game plays rather well.

    So is the game worth it? I’d say yes, if you’re willing to put in the time to create or download other’s creations. If you’re looking for a quick down and dirty single player game or one that doesn’t require much input, look somewhere else.

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